Hydroponic presents its newest and most amazing collaboration to date: MORTADELO & FILEMÓN X HYDROPONIC, released for the FW18 Season.

Created by the genius of Francisco Ibáñez more than 50 years ago, the comic book characters of private detectives Mortadelo and Filemón are the most famous icons of Spanish popular culture, having been followed by millions of grandpas, parents, sons and grandkids all together. And now they are a part of Hydroponic’s newest Collection!

We have grown up idolizing the adventures of Mortadelo, Filemón and the members of the T.I.A. organizations, so it was only natural that we ended doing a full collab with them. The collab includes a full collection of skate decks and skate completes, wheels and hardware, plus a line of T-Shirts and socks.


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